To impart quality education to students to excel in life while striving towards the fulfillment of the dream of our founder.


Centre of academic excellence fostering the constitutional objectives of equality, justice and equity.


  • To endow students with resources that will endure them for life, rendering life more dignified and meaningful
  • To bring total quality management in institutions
  • To strive towards empowerment of women
  • To provide conducive atmosphere for achieving academic leadership
  • To provide value based education
  • To enforce rules and regulations stipulated by the University and the Government as regards of classes, examination and evaluation
  • To make use of mentoring system to channeling the energies of students
  • To inculcate discipline, punctuality and regularity
  • To encourage student to pursue academic excellence
  • To improve ethics and work culture of institution
  • To provide variety od academic programs options to students to suit the changing needs of the society
  • To establish academic – industry linkage
  • To adapt transparency in organizational functioning through participative movement

Core Values

  • Value based Education
  • Access to Education
  • Skill Development
  • Women’s Development
  • Employability
  • Social Justice